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No Lame Duck Administration with President Obama

Everyone knows that President Obama has two more years in office as the most powerful man on the planet. Many would argue this statement,...

Will Governor Scott Appoint More Black Judges his Second Term?

In Florida, there are 974 judgeships, and 83.7% are white, 8.8% are Hispanic, and 6.5% are Black. These are very disturbing facts, because the...

Can the President De-escalate the Broken Trust with the Police?

In the past two weeks, two local grand juries have made the decision that the presented evidence justified the acquittal of two police officers....

New Scandals as Scott Gets Ready to Start New Term

Governor Scott was elected his second term as Florida’s governor, and four of his directors of state agencies have given their resignations. There is...

The Courage of President Obama in the Face of Republican Opposition

On Thursday of last week, President Obama outlined a series of executive actions, which has created divisions in the Republican Party. Some are calling...

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