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COMMENTARY: Serving America: In What Context?

In 1735 when the French colonists of Louisiana pursued the Natchez War against Native Americans, they mustered free and enslaved African Americans into two military companies that...

America: “What Will You Do unto the Least of These?”

By Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr., NNPAA If it were not for the Black Church in America, our long struggle for freedom, justice, equality, equity,...

COMMENTARY: The Biggest Lie

by Oscar Blayton, Esq. The American news media constantly reminds us that the false narrative by Donald Trump and his supporters claiming that Joe Biden did not...

The Republic Under Assault

For months now, soon-to-be-Former President Donald Trump has called into question the democratic process that lies at the heart of our representative democracy. ...

COMMENTARY: What Did You Get Out of It?

By Lucius Gantt      Best wishes to all of the candidates that emerged victorious on Election Day and good riddance to all of the candidates...

Patriotism and the Right to Vote in Person or by Mail

So, when does a patriot forget he's a patriot? We'll see on Election Day. Trump has been ranting and railing about mail-in voting and...

COMMENTARY: Deadly Serious

Black folks’ struggle to exist in America is no game. It is deadly serious. The bloody opposition to our survival in thiswhite dominated society is a daunting challenge for all people of color. Since arriving in the Americas as captive...

COMMENTARY: The Political Dirty South

The Gantt Report, by Lucius Gantt  If you live below the Canadian border, you’re living in The Dirty South!      Politically speaking, in the United States,...

Trump Leads by Division, While Biden Leads by Multiplication

By Rev. Jesse Jackson (TriceEdneyWire.com) As the presidential campaigns heat up, Americans are provided with a stark choice of leaders. The visits to Kenosha of...

TGR COMMENTARY: Where Do We Go From Here?

By Lucius Gantt      Tell me. Where do we go from here?       It’s 2020, another election year, and once again African Americans seeking political progress...

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