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environmental activism

Pruitt Announces Plans to Overturn Obama-Era Vehicle Emissions Standards

This past week the Trump administration wound up and struck environmentalists with yet another head shot, this time proposing to decimate the federal vehicle...

Who are some of the greener movie stars and what are they doing for the planet?

Dear EarthTalk: Who are some of the greener movie stars out there today and what are they doing to fight for the planet? --...

Climate Change and Trump

The opening session of the U.N. Climate Conference began today, Nov. 15, 2016, in Marrakech, Morocco.  President Barack Obama played a major role in...

EarthTalk®: Lead Contamination of Water– Where Else?

Dear EarthTalk: I find it hard to believe that Flint, Michigan is the only city or town in the U.S. with lead contamination of...

Florida Moms, Business Leaders and Lawmakers Discuss Clean Energy

Miami, Florida – On Wednesday, June 29th at 10 am, Moms Clean Air Force hosted a press conference with local community leaders at the City...

EarthTalk®: Underwater Noise Pollution

Dear EarthTalk: Why is underwater noise pollution such a big deal and what are we doing to prevent it? -- Phil Ziegler, New York,...

EarthTalk®: Animals Extinct Because of Global Warming

Dear EarthTalk: Have any wildlife species gone extinct already as a result of global warming, and which are most at risk moving forward? --...

EarthTalk®: Trump and the Paris climate agreement

Dear EarthTalk: Why does Donald Trump think we should renegotiate the Paris climate agreement? And will he be able to pull it off if...

EarthTalk®: Zika Virus Manageable Via Environment?

Dear EarthTalk: Can we ward off the spread of the Zika virus with better environmental management? -- Mary Dornfield, Key Largo, FL Zika virus, first...

EarthTalk®: Best Deal on Hybrid Car

Dear EarthTalk: I’m finally ready to make the switch from my old gas guzzler to an electric or plug-in hybrid car. What are the...

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