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Earth Talk


Atlantic Right Whales On The Ropes: Is Lobstering The Problem?

Lindsey Blomberg  Dear EarthTalk: Can the American lobster fishermen survive new restrictions on their activities thanks to the endangered species listing of the Atlantic Right...

Is The Yellowstone To Yukon (Y2Y) Wildlife Corridor Dream Still Alive?

Renee Jiang, EarthTalk.org Dear EarthTalk: Whatever happened to the Yukon to Yellowstone (Y2Y) wildlife corridor dream that was in the news years ago? Jos. Meredith, Bozeman,...

Just How Bad Is Our Drought?

Lindsey Blomberg, EarthTalk.org Dear EarthTalk: What are the environmental implications of the current drought across the American West and how does it compare with past...

Is Off-Earth Manufacturing An Environmental Panacea Or Scourge?

Renee Jiang  Dear EarthTalk: Is so-called “Off-Earth Manufacturing” really the environmental panacea that Jeff Bezos and other proponents say it is? —M. Traney, Smithfield, RI In July...

Greening Up Your Laundry Routine

by Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss Dear EarthTalk: I’ve heard that Americans waste a huge amount of water and energy getting their clothes clean and...

Earth Talk