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Earth Talk


Still Surging Human Population Numbers Worry Environmentalists

by Malina Barker, EarthTalk  Dear EarthTalk: I hear that world population just topped eight billion. Is this growth wreaking havoc on the environment/climate and what...

How To Afford Household Energy Efficiency Upgrades

by Anagha Iyer  Dear EarthTalk: I’d like to upgrade the energy efficiency of my condo but can’t afford the up-front cost of new equipment and...

EarthTalk: Will We All Be Driving EVs By 2035?

by Catherine Andreadis, EarthTalk  Dear EarthTalk: How will California’s recent decision to require all new car sales to be electric vehicles (EVs) beginning in 2035...

EarthTalk: Manufactured Homes: Greener Than Traditional Houses?

by Dylan Stoll Dear EarthTalk: How do manufactured homes stack up against traditionally constructed houses in terms of energy efficiency and overall environmental footprint? —Jen Jackson,...

Should Americans Be Worried About Latin America’s Malaria Uptick

Riona Duncan  Dear EarthTalk: What’s causing the increase in malaria in Latin America? Could the disease reemerge in the U.S.? —M. Simon, Braintree, MA Malaria is a...

Earth Talk