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John Warren

The Attack on America

By Dr. John E. Warren, PublisherThe San Diego Voice & Viewpoint Newspaper The National Archives in Washington D.C. house three important documents pertaining to America:...

With Downgrade, Wells Fargo Bank Suffers Another Loss

By Dr. John E. Warren |  Following a series of high-profile lawsuits and allegations of misconduct, the embattled Wells Fargo Bank just suffered another loss in the...

Wells Fargo and the “Cherry Picking” of the Black community

By Dr. John E. Warren  |  (NNPA) Recently Wells Fargo bank’s Office of Corporate Communications responded to our series of articles by stating that African American newspapers...

The many lawsuits and “Sins of Wells Fargo”, Part II

By Dr. John E. Warren | During the last ten years, a reported 109 lawsuits have been filed against Wells Fargo Bank covering 43...

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