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Op-Ed: Mask Wearing is an African Tradition

THE GANTT REPORT, by Lucius Gantt      Before I begin this week’s column, I want to acknowledge the many Gantt Report readers that have contacted...

As COVID Restrictions Loosen, Safety Urged on Public Transportation

Michayla Savitt TAMPA, Fla. - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has determined that people two weeks out from receiving their last dose of the COVID-19...

It Shouldn’t Have to be Like This

We are forced by today's circumstances to wear masks and socially distance, but it is within us as a nation to overcome the Covid-19...

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Race Past 13 Million Heading Towards Holidays

Data compiled by Johns Hopkins University shows that the United States has now recorded more than 13 million coronavirus cases, and almost 265,000 deaths. This is significant....

Trump tweets he and Melania test positive for COVID-19

President Donald Trump, Trump, who has spent much of the year downplaying the threat posed by the coronavirus despite the fact that it has...

Herman Cain Loses Battle with CoronaVirus; Dead at 74

Herman Cain, candidate for president in 2012 and ardent supporter of President Trump, died Thursday according to an announcement made on his website.  Dan...

CoronaVirus Tip from the CDC: When to Use a Mask

The CDC says that if you're healthy you should only wear a mask if you're caring for someone who's sick.

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