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Op-Ed– 9/11 at 20: Our Moral Obligation After Two Decades of War

First, Washington needs to stop killing people. Next, we have to challenge our nation's assumptions and priorities. September 11, 2021 The day after President Biden’s speech defending...

A Red Flag on the West Coast

By Ben Jealous In just a few days, California will wrap up its recall election targeting Governor Gavin Newsom, a scheme orchestrated by a Far...

Op-Ed: President Biden, You Must Do More to Protect Voting Rights

by Ben Jealous I was proud to work hard for the election of President Joe Biden. And I was proud to protest outside the Biden...

CDC’s Masking Recommendations Return

Response to Slow the Recent COVID-19 Surge By Darryl Sellers As many Americans bask in hot temperatures that are consistently sweeping across the United States this...

Stalled U.S. debt relief is the latest broken promise to Black farmers

By Elisa BrownContributing Writer, The Louisiana Weekly (Special from Facing South) — Out of 3.4 million farmers working in the United States, fewer than 50,000 are...

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