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Needed: A War on Violence Against Women and Kids

These days my birthdays are filled more and more with reflections on the life-altering moments of my life.  I just read about a program...

Been there, done that

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump appeared on Face the Nation Sunday and told "the Nation" that the best way to deal with the mass shootings...

Rich Beggars

Just for the sake of this post, let us assume that somewhere in this country a "Black America" really exists, made up of people...

Leave God out of it

I'm a person of faith.  Faith, not religion.  Much craziness has occurred over time by proponents of religion and religious dogma. People who place religion...

Democrats Abandoning Seniority as Black Lawmakers Become Senior Members

On the heels of a disappointing mid-term election in which Republicans again gained a number of new seats in the legislature, the Democrats appear...

Farrakhan Challenges The Hip Hop Community: ‘Accept The Responsibility of Leadership’

With this column I step aside to share excerpts of a speech entitled “A Message To The National Hip Hop Summit” delivered by Minister Louis Farrakhan on...

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