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Why Businesses Must Grasp Millennial Thinking Or Face Economic Calamity

When it comes to shopping and buying, the Millennial generation appears to play by its own rules. And according to Gui Costin (www.guicostin.com), an entrepreneur,...

Project-based Learning Program Motivates Students to Design

How creative thinking, technological literacy and the opportunity to address the planet’s problems are transforming lear Inspired by children and their capacity to imagine better...

Could Big Data Reduce the Prison Population?

  Technology Could Prove As Important As Legislation Eric Easte Better use of technology and data could help solve the problem of mass incarceration. That's one conclusion that...

Can Anything Slow Technology’s Job Takeover?

The rapid advance of technological innovations that make everyday tasks simpler and faster also comes with a downside. Such progress continues to be a threat...

Fitbit sees revenue more than triple

Wearable technology company Fitbit sees its revenue beat expectations and more than triple to $400m (£256m) in the second quarter.

UK ‘loves smartphones and selfies’

Smartphones have edged ahead of laptops for the first time as the preferred devices for connecting online in the UK, a report by Ofcom says.

Apple Mac attacks are ‘trivial’

Creating malicious software that can attack Apple Mac computers is "trivial", a leading security researcher has claimed.

Facebook in video ‘views’ row

Facebook defends the way it handles video content after criticism by a popular YouTube star.

EE recalls fire-risk phone charger

EE recalls up to 500,000 phone chargers given away to customers after several incidents of overheating.

Dinklage voice replaced in video game

Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage is replaced as the voice of a computer in an video game after widespread criticism of his performance.

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