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COMMENTARY: Brownshirts In Our Streets

by Oscar Blayton The unidentified goon squads snatching people off the streets of Portland, Ore., have a chilling resemblance to a similar fascist tool of oppression...

COMMENTARY: Da 5 Bloods and America Abroad

By Oscar Blayton I get an ache in my heart every time someone who learns that I am a Vietnam veteran, says “Thank you for your...

POV: One Bad Apple Spoils the Barrel

By Oscar Blayton Today there is a roiling debate in the United States over whether police departments should be disbanded and replaced with civic structures...

COMMENTARY: Law And Order And White Supremacy

As a young child, I was unfortunate enough to have a trace of reddish hair and relatively pale skin for a Black person –...

The Lifeboat Dilemma

Like the Titanic, the U.S. ship “Democracy” has struck several proverbial icebergs and is going down. The madman at the helm who drove us...
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No Time To Rest

COMMENTARY: Deadly Serious

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