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COMMENTARY– TGR: Jogging While Black

  by Lucius Gantt I’m a Georgia boy, so to speak. I spent a lot of time in Florida but I grew up in the...

COMMENTARY– TGR: Vice President Misinformation

By Lucius Gantt      What difference does it make for Black people if an African American is selected as a running mate for the Democratic...


By Brenda Saint Louis (Guest columnist) Woof, pant, pant, sniff, sniff and a howl!Ladies,heard these noises before? These are familiarsounds of the Dog chasing the...


An acquaintance in the entertainment industry once explained to me why a project we were working on was stalled. He said we were getting...

COMMENTARY: Writing Our Own History

Noted Nigerian author Chinua Achebe once said, “Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” History,...

COMMENTARY: Ashes And Rubble

Unless you have serious psychological issues, you recognize the grave danger the COVID-19 pandemic poses for our global community. This is a time of great...

COMMENTARY: Who Gets the Ventilators?

We now know that there are not enough tests to detect the coronavirus, nor enough ventilators to treat all of those who are ill.

America Needs A National Strategic Plan to Fight the Coronavirus 

America has the most coronavirus cases on the planet. There have been over 140,000 positive cases in America, with over 2,600 deaths, and many experts believe we will see exponential growth in the next two weeks.

COMMENTARY: Bernie’s Busted Revolution

The Gantt Report, By Lucius Gantt      Turn out the lights, the party is over for Bernie Sanders. The “revolution” has been canceled!      Words hurt...

The Gantt Report: Political Personalities or Possibilities

If Black people want more opportunities to serve our communities it is vital for us to vote with reapportionment in mind as well as voting for the best President for Black people.

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