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hate crimes

Rise in Anti-Asian Violence Troubling for U.N.

UN Spokesman Farhan Haq issued a statement on behalf of the UN this past Monday, March 22, decrying the global rise of violence against...

Advocates See ‘Disturbing’ Rise in Hate Crimes Targeting Asian Americans

by Chetanya Robinson, International Examiner  |  SEATTLE, Wash. – Marcus Choi was walking his dogs in the Bitter Lake neighborhood in North Seattle when he...

Police: Md. Man Traveled to NYC to Target Black People

On March 20, Timothy Caughman staggered into a New York police station, bleeding from stab wounds and in severe distress. Two days later 28-year-old James Harris...

Man Assaults New Yorker Because He Thought She Was Muslim

href="http://www.arabamericannews.com/news/news/id_13277/Man-pulls-off-woman’s-winter-scarf-because-he-thought-she-was-Muslim.html">Arab American News-- New York - A New York woman was making a quick run to a local Starbucks on a cold morning last...

Orlando: 50 dead in local nightclub shooting

Fifty people have been killed in what is officially the worst mass shooting in US history. The assailant, now identified as 29-year-old Omar Mateen, is...

War in a Black Community

I’ve been reading some of the writings of my friends, colleagues and even some of my enemies and I discovered that many...

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