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If Trump Tries to Sue His Way to Election Victory, Here’s What Happens

It’s easy enough for the Trump campaign to file a lawsuit claiming improprieties, but a lot harder to provide evidence of wrongdoing or a...

Federal Judge Throws Out Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Against Time Warner

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that a federal judge in Georgia has dismissed a class-action lawsuit against Time Warner (and CNN) filed by current and former...

Morgan Challenges Medical Marijuana Smoking Ban

Dara Kam,  The News Service of Florida (Tallahassee)  |   Saying Floridians knew what they were voting on in November, Orlando trial lawyer John...

Cosby countersues his accusers

On the heels of a federal judge's refusal to throw out the lawsuit filed against him by seven women, Bill Cosby has filed a...

Michael Brown’s Parents File Lawsuit Against Ferguson

JIM SALTER, Associated Press CLAYTON, Mo. (AP) — Michael Brown’s parents filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the city of Ferguson on Thursday, opening a new...

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