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Ahmaud Arbery

TGR: It’s Not Over

date:  November 27, 2021 By Lucius Gantt African Americans rejoiced when a Georgia jury returned guilty verdicts in the trial of three white men accused of...

Arbery Murder Trial: Guilty 3.0

The three men charged with the murder of Ahmaud Arbery for jogging while black last year were actually surprised Wednesday when their 11-white-1-black jury...

Guilty. Guilty. Guilty: Jury Convicts All 3 Assailants for Ahmaud Arbery Murder

"With their verdict, the jury rejected the vestige of Jim Crow and the assertion of white supremacy that was at the center of this...

Nearly All-White Jury Selected. Can Justice Still Be Done in Arbery Case?

Time. The great equalizer. No matter how entrenched the emnity, no matter how engrained the system of belief, time has a way...

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