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Zebras and Bears, Oh My! Florida Homeowners Find Surprising Visitors in Their Backyards

While a full 64% of homeowners are choosing to upgrade their backyard, some homeowners in Florida are finding a little bit more than they...

Disaster Loans Will Quench Economic Thirst For Small Businesses After Florida Drought

For the last few months, a terrible drought has impacted small businesses throughout the state of Florida. Now, they'll get some much-needed relief --...
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 Four Ways To Stay Sober Through The Summer Holiday Drinking Season

Hey, recovering alcoholics! Here comes the summer drinking season—Memorial Day, June graduations and weddings, Fourth of July, the beach, and barbecues! What could go wrong? Plenty,...

How Would Budget Cuts Affect Services For Kids With Disabilities, Single Parents?

During the campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump promised not to cut funding for Social Security or Medicaid. However, the American Health Care Act recently passed...

Florida’s Growing Population Resulting in Environmental Issues

Thanks to a nationwide increase in people relocating to Florida, the Sunshine State is at risk of some dangerous environmental issues. According to U.S....

Heartworm-Positive Pups Helped By Orlando Clinics, Local Businesses

Currently, around 46.3 million U.S. households have a dog. And if a group of Orlando-based organizations has anything to say about it, a bunch...

Florida Scuba Diver Finds Himself Face to Face With Massive Whale Shark

Back in 2015, 3.27 million people participated in scuba diving in the United States. While it's normal to see fish and other wildlife under...

LGBTQ Dance Party Outside Ivanka Trump’s Home Goes Viral

Dancing is a form of socializing, artistic expression, and exercise -- the average 150-pound person burns about 240 calories per hour when dancing. But...
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Foolish Hate

Unfortunately, many children at one time or another say they hate one or both of their parents. This behavior is unacceptable but understandable for toddlers,...

CBS News: Don’t get fooled by these fake news sites

In case you missed it, CBC News interviewed people who use bots to simulate popularity in the world of fake news. If you...
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