COMMENTARY: Blue-eyed and Brown-eyed Views

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     In my younger days, I spent a considerable amount of time on the African continent. I saw Botswana and Zimbabwe, but I spent most of my African time traveling around South Africa.

THE GANTT REPORT, by Lucius Gantt

     A white friend and high school teammate asked if he could join me, and I said yes. After visiting Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, and the notorious Sun City, my friend made a curious statement.

      He said it would be OK if whites took over the land and resources of South Africa. Never mind, the recently toppled apartheid government that had imprisoned and killed any Black Africans that opposed them, my friend said whites should take the land because Black Africans were doing nothing with the land and resources.

      Today, anywhere in the world where people of European descent used guns and bombs to take land that they wanted for white exploitation and expansion, the perpetrators have always been praised by their kind, and the people who resisted land thefts, murder, oppression, and exploitation are constantly called savages, murderers, rapists, killers, and terrorists.

        The views from blue eyes seem to always be different from the views of brown eyes!

         This column is not a commentary on any recent or ongoing conflicts. I just want to put current disagreements in perspective.

        Africa is the center of the world, and most Africans have the same skin color as I do.

        No race of people has been more victimized, wronged, misled, mistreated, and murdered by exploiters than Africans in yesteryears and in this year!

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       How many Africans were beaten, raped, shot, hung, and murdered in so many ways, than the people who look like Gantt Report readers? 

       Was it 1000? Was it a few hundred hostages? No, it was millions and millions!

         Millions died in the slave trades. Millions died in colonized Africa. Millions died under apartheid rule.

         Belgium’s white King Leopold killed over 15 million Africans in the Congo by his orders.

         To whites around the world who have sympathy for persons kidnapped, raped, and killed in current conflicts who say nothing about kidnappings, rapes, and murders of Blacks and Africans that take place daily, any kidnapping, rape, or senseless murder is wrong.

           The Black journalists and columnists that parrot and rubber stamp the feelings of their coworkers are disgraceful!

            There is a difference between terrorists and rebels. They both fight and kill people. Terrorists use unlawful violence and intimidation against civilians in their pursuit of political aims. A rebel is a person who rises in opposition or armed resistance against an established government or ruler.

        Hmmm? What would you do if your country was taken, occupied, stolen, settled, and controlled? What would you do if you needed permission to travel or move around in your homeland and what would you do if 10,000 innocent women and children were killed by missiles and bombs, disease and destruction were caused, and homes, schools, and hospitals were obliterated under the disguise of saying, “We need to kill as many civilians as we can” because unknown, unnamed terrorists are using civilians as shields.

         When people are taken for granted, being used and abused, attacked and killed, sometimes they rebel.

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