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     Years ago, when I was a youngster, brothers James and Bobby Purify had a catchy song called “I’m Your Puppet”. bIt was about a young man who would do anything for his woman.

The Gantt Report, by Lucius Gantt

      If you have never heard the song, search for it on YouTube. *If a modern singer or group covered the song, an updated music video would feature most of the world’s so-called Black leaders.

      Exploiters and oppressors are quick to find people of color who will repeat, parrot, or rubber-stamp whatever they say or do.

       Politicians, corporations, academic institutions, banks and financial institutions, newsrooms and media outlets, and others who want to know the thoughts and feelings of the Black masses don’t visit ghettos and barrios.

        Exploiters and oppressors only want to hear or read ideas and explanations that are comfortable, reasonable, and acceptable to their plans to minimize the views of Black truth-tellers.

         It’s not just the world’s power brokers that desire to limit the variety of thoughts, philosophies, and ideologies of strong and fearless Black messengers, there are some Black people and Black organizations that will only listen to and work with Blacks and other people of color that will repeat what they hear from the racial voices that they enjoy and respect.

          “What you talking about Willis, I mean Lucius”?

          Let me give you an example. The news about Blacks and politics these days is about the fear of a low Black voter turnout in the 2024 elections.

          When white elected officials get worried about Black voter turnout, who do they ask for advice? They ask the Negroes for advice that they like such as the Blacks in government they currently work awith.

          They don’t ask Black political professionals for advice, they won’t ask Black media owners and professionals for advice, they won’t ask Black community members for voter turnout help, they ask people of color for information that will mimic what they feel is best for white people.

         I know you don’t like me to write like this but it’s OK. I’m not going to call anybody out. You know the difference between a fake leader and a real leader who will join you in your battles for equal rights and justice, a leader who will stand up for you and speak out for you about matters that are important to you, and you know if your leader will die for you if telling the truth will get that man or woman assassinated or killed.

       If you don’t know, Black voters in the USA turn out to vote in higher percentages than most racial voting groups.

       Uncle Tom and Aunt Jemima are told to go on TV news networks to suggest that if Democrats lose in 2024 it will be because Blacks want a younger white Presidential candidate than an older white candidate. 

        Black leaders are afraid to say the poor polling numbers Democrats seem to be getting has little to do with Black turnout and more to do with poor political messaging by high-paid whites and the inability to keep white male Democrats and Independents from voting for the Republican candidates.

        Hmmm? Newsrooms are permeated with Black women but why are they afraid to say Vice President Kamala Harris should run for President?

They are afraid because their “House Bosses” don’t want them to say anything positive about their own kind.

         This brings us back to the Purify song that includes the phrase, “Pull my little string and I’ll sing you a song, I’m your puppet”.

        I always try to write the truth. Nobody “pulls my strings”.

        Black voters will go to the polls in 2024 regardless of the false promises, fantasy love, and fake governmental policies that are “proposed” but never get passed, like voting rights bills and justice bills.

         We will vote in 2024 because we respect and cherish the voting rights that our ancestors fought and died for us to have the right to vote.  

       Don’t let the devil’s puppets mislead you, lead you astray, hook you, or bamboozle you!

       Vote for who and what you believe in! 

       Stop acting like Pinocchio, Lamb Chops, Howdy Doody, and other puppets.

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