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      District Attorney Fani Willis delivered some tempestuous testimony in a Fulton County Georgia courtroom recently when called by lawyers representing a Donald Trump election interference co-conspirator.

The Gantt Report, by Lucius Gantt

      Willis was accused of inappropriate conduct centered around a lawyer she hired who had a personal relationship with her.

       Willis was understandably very upset about discussing her sex life with a lawyer she contracted to assist in the prosecution of Trump and his alleged racketeering codefendants.

     God willing, Fani will be ok because no concrete evidence against Willis during her initial day of sitting in the witness chair.

      Meanwhile, it’s no secret that workplace romances are somewhat widespread.

       No matter where you are employed, a time will come when you’ll discover someone’s “work cat” is being chased and possibly being hit. 

       Most of the time, office relations are limited to a “fling” and, the romance, or sexual relations end rather quickly.

       The problems come when money, family, job snitches, preferred work assignments, secret lunches, and dinners are discovered.

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        Don’t get me wrong, some romances that begin at work go on to become a long, loving union. 

         However, if you get drunk at the office Christmas party and talk your coworker into having sex, or travel on a business trip, and end up in a coworker’s hotel room, your work side piece could become problematic.

          No one knows when they will fall in love but, trust me, men and women both know when and what they want to hit or be hit!

           Beware of the office “pimp talk” when your coworker says how beautiful or handsome you are, how smart you are, and how your current spouse or relationship partner is unworthy. 

            It takes more than a workplace glance or an unexpected office moment to tell what kind of man or woman you’re lusting over because truly good relationships take time.

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        Sexual attraction can come quickly but for relationships with longevity, you need to experience that man or woman in good times and bad times, in rich times and poor times, in sickness and in health. Not just at work.

        Perhaps, the best way to avoid troubling workplace relationships is to not put yourself in situations where there are opportunities to be intimate when you should not be.

        Tell your attractive coworkers to holler at you when they become serious and single.

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