Orlando Commissioner Permanently Barred from Contact With Alleged Elderly Victim

Photo of Regina Hill
Suspended Commissioner Regina Hill slapped with permanent injunction

Suspended City Commissioner Regina Hill was in court again Friday, this time in the civil case that precipitated her arrest on charges of fraud and exploitation of the elderly/disabled. Last month, an Orange County judge ordered Hill to stop all contact with a 96-year-old constituent after the District 5 commissioner was accused of raiding the elderly woman’s assets and spending more than $100,000 of her life’s savings.

by Frank Butler, Orlando Advocate

Today, Judger Heather Higbee ruled that the injunction would be made permanent, barring Hill from any further contact with the elderly woman, and from any attempt to exercise control over any of the woman’s assets.

Before she was arrested, Hill had challenged issuance of the temporary injunction, and repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. 

Hill took the stand briefly at the beginning of this morning’s session, but pleaded the Fifth Amendment, exercising her right to not incriminate herself because of the pending criminal case.

Hill is accused of manipulating the elderly woman and spending a substantial amount of her money on personal items. A defense witness who lived across the street from the elderly woman testified, however, that before Hill came into her life the alleged victim was living in dire conditions. Hill, she said, did much to improve the alleged victim’s home and living conditions. She did not address, though, the alleged purchase of a home with the victim listed as co-owner and co-signor on the loan. The suspended commissioner has said that evidence produced during the criminal trial will paint a more realistic picture and prove her innocence:

“I love her,” she told reporters after court was over. “I showed her a lot of love and attention, and that’s all I can say.”


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