Biden Woos Haley Voters and Salutes Transgender People


By Herb Boyd | New York Amsterdam News

President Joe Biden’s campaign team, perhaps heeding the advice of many pundits, recently released an ad featuring words he used to defeat Nikki Haley in his Republican presidential nomination race. Trump charged that Haley was a “birdbrain” and “not presidential material.”

More meaningful for Biden is the Trump ad that said, “If you voted for Nikki Haley, Donald Trump doesn’t want your vote” and that “Haley supporters will be permanently barred from the MAGA camp,” which Trump posted on Truth Social.

“Save America. Join us,” the Biden ad declares.

According to the Biden team, the ad will cost them $1 million and is earmarked to appear in battleground states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania for the next three weeks.

The ad campaign is a follow-up to Biden’s State of the Union address where he promised to target seven battleground states that will be critical in the November election.

If Trump doesn’t want Haley voters, Biden appears to be glad to welcome them aboard.

Meanwhile, Trump is hawking Bibles. “Happy Holy Week! Let’s Make America Pray Again!” Trump announced in his latest scheme to appeal to his base and raise desperately needed cash. The bible is endorsed by Trump and sold through a website,, for $59.99. It’s another iteration of his hustling mentality, reminiscent of his trading cards and sneakers, both of which were mocked but sold out almost immediately.

Extending an invitation to Haley supporters seemed a no-brainer, and it was equally expected that Trump would lash back at Biden for proclaiming Transgender Day of Visibility on Easter, although the celebration was created in 2009. In a statement issued last weekend, Trump’s national press secretary called it “appalling and insulting” that Biden “formally proclaimed Easter Sunday as ‘Trans Day of Visibility.’” Biden’s comments, the statement added, were an example of his administration’s “years-long assault on the Christian faith.”

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Trump’s response, although unintended, will give more attention to a date that was established to honor transgender people and bring more awareness of the discrimination they face that in no way has decreased.

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