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Web giants fined for ‘morbid’ photos

Facebook and Google are fined 50,000 Brazilian real (£10,000) for ignoring a ban on the dissemination of "degrading images" in Brazil.

Disney wins starwars.co.uk battle

Disney makes a UK-based fancy-dress retailer surrender starwars.co.uk and six other web addresses related to its sci-fi film franchise.

Charge over Facebook rape naming

A Doncaster man is charged for naming a victim of a sexual offence on South Yorkshire Police's Facebook page.

Microsoft to cut 7,800 more jobs

Microsoft cuts 7,800 jobs and takes a $7.6bn writedown as it reorganises its mobile phone unit following last year's purchase of Nokia's business.

Computer glitch grounds aeroplanes

A computing fault forces United Airlines to ground its flights for two hours, its second major IT glitch in two months.

Robocall victim gets $230,000 payout

Time Warner Cable is ordered to pay a woman almost $230,000 after a judge rules it harassed her with automated calls.

Why Facebook changed its friends icon

The Facebook designer who changed the friends icon explains her fight to put a woman at the forefront.

Reddit rival buckles under demand

A news site start-up is struggling to make the most of a backlash against the leadership of its larger rival Reddit.

Teen convicted of over 50,000 hacks

A 17-year old hacker is punished for hijacking thousands of email accounts, disrupting websites, and stealing credit card details, but avoids a jail sentence.

Adobe tackling new Flash threat

Adobe is working to fix a security hole in its Flash Player that was made public after data was stolen from an online surveillance company.

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