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Alma Gill


ASK ALMA: No Family Affair Here

By Alma Gill Dear Alma, After 26 years of marriage, last year my husband had an affair, divorced me and married his mistress. We have two...

ASK ALMA: Too many grown people living in mom’s house, rent free

by Alma Gill Dear Alma, I’m going through an extremely difficult time with my son, his girlfriend and her mom. They all live in my...

ASK ALMA: Daughter vs. New Wife

Dear Alma,  Help. I hate my boyfriend’s daughter. She is only 10 (a year older than my daughter). She is fat, lazy, manipulative and needy,...

ASK ALMA: You dirty low down…

Dear Alma,I’m starting to feel used. When I go out with the woman I’m seeing, she never offers to pay. She orders drinks and...

ASK ALMA: Wife’s spending out of control

Dear Alma, I love my wife and we have a great marriage. She’s beautiful, funny, spontaneous and easy to get along with. I can handle...

Alma Gill