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An affidavit is a declaration made in writing. It is used when someone is giving an oral account of an event. The affidavit is used by the speaker to declare that the are giving true facts. It is a written oath that all the information given is true.

Bill Of Sale

A bill of sale is used to transfer personal property. It could be an automobile, boat, or motorcycle. A bill of sale may be required to show ownership. It is needed to register a vehicle legally.

Cease And Desist Breach Of Contract Letter

A cease and desist letter is a formal legal document used to request that a certain activity be ceased. The letter will serve as a warning. Legal action may be persued if the conditions of the letter are not met. Copies of the letter should be saved by both parties.

Cease And Desist Copyright Infringement Letter

This is a cease and desist letter for copyright infringement

Cease And Desist Debt Collection Letter

This is a cease and desist letter for debt collection

Cease And Desist Harrassment Letter

This is a cease and desist letter for harrassment

Certificate Of Incumbency

A certificate of incumbency is used by a company to identify important people. This includes company shareholders and directors. The certificate will be proof that these individuals can sign legally binding contracts for the company. It serves as a way protect all parties involved in a transaction.


A codicil is a legal document used to amend someone’s will. It can make changes to the current will terms and conditions. It can also completely remove certain provisions in the will. A codicil is not used to create a new will.

Cohabitation Agreement

A cohabitation agreement is used between people who are going to live together. This can include roommates or a common law relationship. It can detail how these two individuals will split the rent. It may also include other responsibilities.

Construction Contract

A construction contract is used for various construction projects. This could be for building a home or a home addition. The contract will list the construction services being provided, as well as the payment amount. It protects both parties in case of service problems or disputes.

Consulting Agreement

A consulting agreement is a legal document formed between a client and a consultant. The agreement will protect both party’s interests during a transaction. The document should list the consulting services being traded. It also will detail the payment for these services.

Day Care Contract

A day care contract, or child care contract, is used to protect child care providers, parents, and children. It will be given to a parent or guardian before they sign their child up for day care services. The contract will include payment instructions. It will also detail safety and emergency procedures.

Employee Handbook

An employee handbook details rules and expectations for employees at a company. It may include areas related to dress code, attendance, and job duties. The handbook ensures that employees are all on the same page when it comes to company policy. It can also serve to protect both the employer and employee by detailing how legal disputes will be handled.

Employment Contract

An employment contract serves as a legally binding contract between an employer and an employee. It will detail job duties and expectations for the employee. It will also include the payment terms for the employee. Any insurance benefits, holiday time, and sick time benefits will be listed as well.

Employment Offer Letter

An employment offer letter, or job offer letter, is used by employers. It tells a prospective employee that they have been considered for a position. It is a formal, legal document. This job offer can include details about the position such as benefits and pay.

End User Licensing Agreement

An end user licensing agreement, or EULA, is used by a software or product distributor. It details how a purchaser can use the product. This protects the software distributor from certain disputes. EULAs should be updating regularly.

Equipment Lease Agreement

A vehicle or equipment lease agreement is used when a party is leasing an item. This could be an automobile, heavy machinery, or other equipment. The specific lease terms are included in this agreement. There should also be a clause in case of extensive damage to the leased item.

Insertion Order

An insertion order is used in the field of advertising. It is a contract for placing an advertisement in a publication. This order protects both parties. It will need to include the specific details of the transaction.

Invitation To Bid

An invitation to bid is a formal competitive solicitation for bids from contractors, consultants, or other parties. These bids will be for a service or project. The main focus of a ITB is pricing. Other factors can include the bidding party’s experience and completion time.


An invoice is used to list services or products that are being purchased by a buying party. In addition to services and products purchased, the invoice will include the individual and total prices for the order. Purchase orders and invoices can serve as a bill or reciept.

Last Will And Testament

A last will and testament is what someone uses to dictate what happens to their estate after they pass away. It is a legal declaration. A will and testament can include both real estate and personal property. It will require a signature and a witness.

Lease Agreement

A lease agreement is used to give another party permission to use property. It is often used by landlords for apartments or offices. A lease agreement is a legal contract. Both parties are bound by its terms and conditions.

Letter Of Agreement

A letter of agreement is used to outline terms and conditions. These terms could be related to a contract or agreement. It will outline expectations of the services being rendered. It may also detail payment for these services.

Letter Of Intent

A letter of intent is a legal document used to declare intent. The intent could be to make a purchase, transfer property, or apply for a job. A letter of intent should be personalized for the situation. It needs to be written in a professional manner and signed.

Marriage Separation Agreement

A seperation agreement is used when a couple is getting a divorce. It will go into detail about the terms of the seperation. This can include what will happen to the real estate and finances involved in the relationship. It will also detail child support and alimony.

Medical Consent

A medical consent form is used by doctors and hospitals. It lets a patient give consent for having a medical procedure done. It may be also used to give consent for treatment. The form should detail the medical procudures and treatments and have a signature from the patient.

Mortgage Deed

A mortgage agreement, or mortgage deed, is a legal document showing ownership. This can be ownership of property or land. The deed shows who the owner is and also who the lender is. A mortgage deed is needed for transferring property as well.

Non Disclosure Agreement

A non-disclosure agreement is used to outline confidentiality agreements between two parties. This could be a company and a consultant or contractor. The agreement serves as a way to protect priveleged information. It will also detail penalties for breaking the agreement.

Non Profit Bylaws

A bylaw is a rule or law used for regulation in a business setting. It may be used by a company or a corporation. Bylaws may be created by company founders and directors at the creation of the business. Many times a bylaw dictates how directors are elected and what power they have in the company.

Offer To Lease

An offer to lease is a legal document sent by a prospective tenant to a lessor. It will include the price being offered by the interested party. Any proposed terms should be included. The lessor can then make a counter offer to this original bid.

Partnership Agreement

A partnership agreement is used between two people who want to start a business together. The agreement protects each party in the event that a dispute occurs. An agreement needs to include each individual’s responsibilities. It should also detail financial information for the business.

Performance Contract

A performance contract is used for outlining terms and conditions. It applies specially to performing arts, such as a musical performance. It will detail the services being provided. It should also include how much the performer will be paid for their services.

Petition For Divorce

This is a standard petition for divorce

Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement is used before a couple is married. It is used to protect each party’s assets in the event of divorce. It can include clauses for personal property, finances, and real estate. A prenuptial agreement can also be used in civil unions or domestic partnerships.

Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is used for companies and business, especially those with an online presence. It tells the users of their product or website what kind of personal information is being collected. It will also detail how the information is used by the company. A privacy policy protects both the company and the consumer.

Purchase Order

This is a simple purchase order template.

Quit Claim Deed

A quitclaim, or quit-claim deed, is related to property. It is used for the transfer of property from a grantor to a grantee. This type of transfer does not involve a warranty. It is often used to transfer property between family members.

Release Of Liability

A release of liability for an indemnity agreement is a legal document used to protect a party from certain financial responsibilities. It can be used for a variety of different scenarios. It may be used by companies and organizations to protect themselves during risky transactions. The information needed for this form varies depending on the situation.

Termination Letter

A notice of termination is a legal document used to inform somone that they are being terminated. This could be used for employment purposes. It could also be used in an academic setting. Details surrounding the termination will be needed.

Term Sheet

A term sheet is a legal document listing the terms and conditions of a business deal. Many times it is used as a business proposal. It may be a preliminary look at a transaction and not a legally binding contract. It should include the services or products proposed as well as the payment terms.

Terms Of Service

A terms of service, or TOS, is used to let consumers know what the rules are when using a product. It is often used for websites and online forums. A terms of service agreement is legally binding to both parties. It may require a signature or online confirmation of agreement.