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New Partnership Brings Black History to Life Through Google Assistant

By Airik Myers, The Seattle Medium ‘Hey, Google, what happened on this day in Black History?’ is a term that might become a daily ritual for...

New Research Finds Widening Educational Inequality in Year of COVID

NNPA NEWSWIRE — NWEA’s research highlights national trends from this past year, but local context matters. Thus, NWEA encourages communities to dive deeper into...

How to Protect Your Black Skin from Cancer

NNPA NEWSWIRE — The AAD has reported that people with darker skin tones do not receive a diagnosis until the cancer is in its...

OP-ED: Black-Owned Businesses Look to the FDA to Protect Them

NNPA NEWSWIRE — A year ago, in a quick fix reaction to the pandemic, the FDA released emergency guidance that lowered the standards for...

IN MEMORIAM: The Death of Kay Debow Alford, Co-Founder of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, Leaves a Void in Black Business Empowerment

NNPA NEWSWIRE — John E. Harmon, Sr., Founder, President and CEO of the African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey (AACCNJ) remembered Kay...

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