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Roger Caldwell


COMMENTARY: In America Voting is Under Siege in 2020 with President Trump

By Roger Caldwell The cornerstone of a Democracy is the ability to vote. Voting is every citizen’s voice, and is the civic responsibility of all...

The United States is Breaking Records for the Wrong Reasons

 By Roger Caldwell Most of the time in America, when you break a record, you are congratulated for a job well done. During the reality...

COMMENTARY: It Has Never Been Like This in America Before

By Roger Caldwell As President Trump and Vice President Pence tell lie after lie, it is time for the truth. When there are catastrophic problems...

COMMENTARY: The Infusion of the Obamas’ Back into Political Life in April 2020

By Roger Caldwell For three years Americans have been waiting to hear from past President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama. Don’t get the...

When the Protesting Ends – Do You Just Go Home?

By Roger Caldwell There is a ground swell in America, and for 13 days there has been multiracial protests and demonstrations based on the killing...

Roger Caldwell