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Voices of Black Elders

By Lucius Gantt      I applaud America’s young people and others that are standing up and speaking out about...

TGR COMMENTARY: Thoughts at Large

By Lucius Gantt THOUGHTS AT LARGE:      Keep an eye on what’s going on in Sarasota,...

In 2019, the political losers are getting paid

In 1787, a group of political activists in America began to call themselves the Federalists, largely created by Alexander Hamilton as the...

2020 Election

In 1787 a group of political activists in America began to call themselves The Federalists, the first political party, largely created by Alexander Hamilton,...

TGR: Give Me A Break

When a woman tells her spouse or committed man that she needs “a break”, it could mean a number of things.       The...

Beast Bank Collusion

It’s 2019 and it’s a new year but beast bankers are still as predatory as a thief in the night!

The Wrong Crowd

Some people that read The Gantt Report think I am a Florida guy. When I used to coordinate a lot of statewide political campaigns,...

Symbolic Sheet

The Gantt Report appreciates the long time followers and readers of this column. Those readers that have been reading TGR over the years know...

Fear of Freedom

One of the reasons African Americans find Black progress and true freedom difficult is because many African Americans are scared! They are afraid to stand...

Go with the flow

I don’t care too much for the phrase “Go with the flow”. It sort of reminds me of “tow the line”, “stick with the...