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Opponents Call FL Bill Targeting Transgender Athletes Dangerous, Discriminatory

Trimmel Gomes, FNS TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Republicans in Congress and more than 20 state legislatures, including Florida, seek to ban trans athletes from competing in...

Warriors Planned Move to San Francisco Highlights City’s Racist Past

Allen Jones, New America Media  |  SAN FRANCISCO – In 1971, then-Golden State Warriors owner Franklin Mieuli changed the name of the NBA franchise from...

Former Heisman Winner Rashaan Salaam Found Dead

Heisman Trophy winner Rashaan Salaam was found dead Monday night. The 42-year-old Salaam won the Heisman in 1994. Cause of death Is still being...

Demario A. Scott

Meet Demario A. Scott.  This Atlanta Georgia sports junkie is the real deal. He doesn't have a favorite sport, he loves them all. He...

Advocate announces new fan-focused partnership

ORLANDO (BNN)-- Whether it's cheering on our high school or college school team, a child, some other relative or friend, all of us are sports fans...

Dennis Moss

Meet Dennis Moss, a British born and current resident of the U.K. that decided to follow a dream to see a game at every...

Local Organizing Committee Launches for Men’s B-ball Championship

Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs joined community leaders at the historic Cheyenne Saloon in downtown Orlando on July 16 to launch the Local Organizing...

Web giants fined for ‘morbid’ photos

Facebook and Google are fined 50,000 Brazilian real (£10,000) for ignoring a ban on the dissemination of "degrading images" in Brazil.

Disney wins starwars.co.uk battle

Disney makes a UK-based fancy-dress retailer surrender starwars.co.uk and six other web addresses related to its sci-fi film franchise.

Charge over Facebook rape naming

A Doncaster man is charged for naming a victim of a sexual offence on South Yorkshire Police's Facebook page.

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