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Earth Talk


Dark Sky Havens: Where Can I Find One?

Renee Jiang  Dear EarthTalk: What are “dark sky havens” and are there any near me? —D. Morris, Troy, MI In considering the necessity of these dark sky...

Pet Toxins: What Are They And How Can We Avoid Them?

Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss, EarthTalk.org  Dear EarthTalk: What are some of the most common contaminants our pets are exposed to and how can we...

Save Our Pollinators: Convert Your Backyard To A Bee Lawn

Lindsey Blomberg, EarthTalk.org Dear EarthTalk: What is a “pollinator lawn” and how can I make one in my backyard? —Jane W., Westbrook, CT Bees and other pollinators...

What’s A Passive Solar House?

Dear EarthTalk: What is a so-called “passive solar” house and can I retrofit my existing house accordingly? —Bill C., Raleigh, NC A passive solar...

Invasive Cheatgrass Taking Over Western Desert

by Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss Dear EarthTalk: What is Cheatgrass and when did it become such a big problem out west? —William G., Portland, ME Cheatgrass...

Earth Talk