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Earth Talk


Applying The Lessons of Ozone Depletion to Fight Global Warming

Dear EarthTalk: Is it true that the Monarch Butterfly is on the brink of extinction? How did we let that happen? —Alex Degeneres, Cincinnati, OH While...

Companies Incentivizing Employees To Live Greener, Promote Sustainability

by Doug Moss and Roddy Scheer | Dear EarthTalk: What are some ways that companies are encouraging or incentivizing employees to live greener...

Pruitt Announces Plans to Overturn Obama-Era Vehicle Emissions Standards

This past week the Trump administration wound up and struck environmentalists with yet another head shot, this time proposing to decimate the federal vehicle...

Regenerative Agriculture: There’s No Tilling How Much CO2 We Can Save

Dear EarthTalk: What is so-called Regenerative Agriculture and why are environmentalists so bullish on it? —Jess Mancuso, Montgomery, PA Regenerative Agriculture (RA) describes farming and grazing...

Green Gifts: Feel Better About the Environmental Impact of the Holidays

Georgina Guiney Dear EarthTalk: I want to set a good environmental example with my gift-giving this holiday season. Any tips on how—or even better, what—to...

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