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Kevin Seraaj

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The Distance

The Distance Helen Gitrow Doubleday c/o The Random House Publishing Group www.doubleday.com 9780385536998, $26.95 www.amazon.com In “The Distance” Charlotte Atton walks a tense line between socialite and information specialist....

Can the President De-escalate the Broken Trust with the Police?

In the past two weeks, two local grand juries have made the decision that the presented evidence justified the acquittal of two police officers....

New Scandals as Scott Gets Ready to Start New Term

Governor Scott was elected his second term as Florida’s governor, and four of his directors of state agencies have given their resignations. There is...

The Rebellion in Ferguson is a Message to America

In over a 150 cities across the United States last week, there were protest and mass demonstrations over the decision by the grand jury...

The Courage of President Obama in the Face of Republican Opposition

On Thursday of last week, President Obama outlined a series of executive actions, which has created divisions in the Republican Party. Some are calling...

Kevin Seraaj

1342 POSTS