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Kevin Seraaj

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‘This Is Not the End’: Dire Threat to Abortion Rights Remains as Judge Blocks Texas Ban

"The Senate must join the House in immediately passing the Women's Health Protection Act so we can end cruel bans and guarantee the right...

Anti-maskers behavior becoming more and more bizarre

The Daily Kos has reported a bizarre occurrence at a county school board meeting in Chaska, Minnesota, where anti-maskers targeted a mask-wearing dad for...

Hi-tech: Hustle Unveils Resources To Help Nonprofits Leverage Personalized Text Messaging & Video

Two new resources unveiled today by Hustle will empower nonprofits to jumpstart the integration of text messaging and video messaging into their peer-to-peer fundraising...

Healthclick Expands Its All Access Online Continuing Education Subscription

: startOnline learning is growing at 21 % per year and will be a trillion-dollar market by 2027. Online Medical Continuing Education will be...

Orange County News Conference – 9/27/21

Key Takeaways from today's news conference: COVID-19 BY THE NUMBERSAs of Sunday, September 26, 2021, the Florida Department of Health is reporting that Orange County’s...

Kevin Seraaj

1122 POSTS