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Reviews by Gary Roen

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Must Read

‘Run’ and other titles

Run Andrew Grant Ballantine Books c/o The Random House Publishing Group www.ballantinebooks.com 9780345540737, $9.99 www.amazon.com   “Run” is an exciting fast paced cat and mouse chase action thriller that...


Decompression By Juli Zeh Anchor c/o Penguin Random House 1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019 www.anchorbooks.com 978101910504, $16.95, www.amazon.com Sven Fiedler has a perfect life. He and his...

Killing the Messenger and other titles

Killing the Messenger David Brock Twelve c/o Hachette Book Group USA 237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017 www.HatchetteBookGroupUSA.com 9781455533763, $28.00 www.amazon.com “Killing the Messenger” for the first...

A Tale of Two Kitties Chaos Reigns

Robert A Reese www.roerareese.com 97815116841363, $12.00, www.amazon.com Author Reese has compiled over 100 stories from all over the United States of cats by their owners. There...

Adam and Seymour

Cathy Finch White Author House 1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington IN 47403 www.authorhouse.com 9781467061568, $16.18, www.amazon.com Two young boys who are best friends try out for a soccer team. ...
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Motion to Kill

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