Kevin Seraaj, journalist, Orlando Advocate

A Somber Word of Warning About the Need to Self-Isolate

A Canadian presently quarantined in Italy penned a provocative article about self-isolating in this time of world-wide crisis.  His words, reported by HuffPost Canada,...
Kevin Seraaj, journalist, Orlando Advocate

Graham’s Mind Already Made Up: ‘Not Trying to Pretend to be Fair’

When attorneys pick jurors (during the process known as "voir dire”) they invariably want to know if the person being questioned can...
Kevin Seraaj, journalist, Orlando Advocate

A Bad Case of Climate Change Denial

Documented analysis of the size of the polar ice cap shows that they are shrinkinga in size.  According to NASA, "Arctic sea...

COMMENTARY: Trump– The Messiah of Bias

I just can't take President Trump seriously. But I understand how foolish it would be to take him for granted. His...
Mayor Theresa Kenerly

Georgia City “Not Ready” to Hire Blacks

Reporter A.R. Shaw, Lifestyle Editor for Rolling Out magazine, recently posted a story on about a Georgia city's refusal to hire...
can't vote

Stay Woke! Felon Rights

The State Senate Democratic Caucus is meeting this morning to discuss several issues that will be taken up by the Senate today....

Disability: Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Children especially should be exposed to disability issues now because among them may be the few who one day make the discoveries that change the lives of disabled people everywhere.
Donald Trump

Latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll not good for Pres. Trump

According to the recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll only 34 percent of Americans still think the president is being truthful about his dealings with the Russians. ...
andrew gillum

Can Gillum Win?

In almost any other context Andrew Gillum’s run for governor might seem presumptuous.  He is, after all, only 37-years-old, and already looking to take...
anonymous op-ed painful

White House official pens anonymous op-ed; West Wing in turmoil

On September 5, 2018, the New York Times took the extremely rare step of publishing an anonymous op-ed from a White House insider claiming to...