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The “Red Wave” of 2016: Another View of the Maps

Here's another view of the 2016 vote map, showing voters as opposed to space. The tweet, itself a response to Lara Trump's use of...

COMMENTARY: If Trump Loses

By Kevin Seraaj, OrlandoAdvocate.com America is as divided today as it was during the Civil Rights Movement, and perhaps even the days of the Civil...

Trump tells America there’s nothing to worry about; 76,195 new cases pop up within 12 hours’ time

It's a matter of simple mathematics. What's so hard to understand? Within 12 hours of the President's proclamation to the nation that there is...

COMMENTARY: “Zoombombed” by Racists

I'm probably showing my age, but just as I've gotten comfortable with such Millennial/GenX terms as "photobombing," here comes another one for me to...

Patriotism and the Right to Vote in Person or by Mail

So, when does a patriot forget he's a patriot? We'll see on Election Day. Trump has been ranting and railing about mail-in voting and...
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