Poor Medical Care Can Be Conquered By Better Diet 

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Plant-based mean. Photo courtesy of Pxhere.com

Minorities and poor people die prematurely due to lack of health care. Health care and insurance are expensive. Minorities and poor people without good health care died disproportionately from COVID due to underlying conditions like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and other diseases and conditions caused by poor diet. Poor diet also produces shorter life spans, poor quality of life, poor physical mental and emotional health generally, poor performance in schools and at work, negative impact on family life and relationships, and a strain on income. Information is power. Following is information on how a plant-based diet can reverse and prevent these and other diseases that kill minority and poor people who cannot afford expensive health care.

What Can We Do That Is Affordable And Within Our Control?

A Change In Diet.

Research by medical professionals show that the clear solution is a plant-based diet. A plant-based diet has allowed people to get off of medication, to reduce the need for medication and to greatly replace the need for conventional health care that is not affordable or available.

You likely include animal protein as a norm in your diet and other foods that indirectly kill you.  Society preaches the consumption of animal protein.  Changing to a plant-based diet will reverse  and prevent these diseases and conditions that particularly plague communities of color and poor communities.   It can make unaffordable medical attention and medical treatment largely unnecessary. It can give you better health, better quality of life and longer life.  Health care providers push drugs and medication.  You can free yourself from the dependence on drugs and medication and control your health.   The switch might be difficult at first, but it becomes easier with results.  Your health and quality of life will improve.  You will spend less than half of what you spend on medications on a plant-based diet. 

It works

Plant based diet and lifestyle change works. We know this because Insurance companies are now paying for participation in programs like Synergy that is based on changing to a plant-based diet and lifestyle change that includes

a. Eating right
b. Exercising moderately
c. Reducing stress
d. Loving better

Research shows that you can reverse disease but it takes more effort to reverse disease than to prevent it. And you can actually change your genes – they are not your fate.

Good physicians are starting to encourage lifestyle changes to get patients off of medications. Insurance companies are starting to pay for programs like Synergy . You can Google S ynergy . Prevention of disease and reversal of disease is better treatment than drugs or surgeries.

Lessons and takeaways

Heart diseases are best reversed or slowed down using lifestyle medicine changes. Stents and angioplasties are limited in functionality.

By following the lifestyle program, you can completely prevent type 2 diabetes .

Employing surgery and radiation in the treatment of prostate cancer does not guarantee longer lives than those who do not do surgery and radiation.

In many cases, the root causes of these diseases are related to diet and lifestyle. Therefore, they can be treated and reversed using diet and change in lifestyle.

Stress less

Chronic stress has a lot of negative impacts on your health and wellbeing. Some of the negative effects of chronic stress are increased inflammation, depression, shorter life span, etc.

Stress isn’t just about what happens to us as individuals, it is more about our reaction to the things that happen to us . These reactions are founded on our lifestyles and beliefs. Hence, your perception of stress plays a greater role than what is actually happening in your life. Although you cannot always change the things that happen to you, you can control your reactions to them much more than you know. By doing so, you heal better, and live longer.

If you feel stressed, you are stressed. Managing stress more effectively can benefit your health. Eat well, love more, move more, and you will stress less.

Meditate during your downtime. Drop the phone. Practice micro-moments of positivity. Practice mindfulness. Keep your breath natural and through the nose whenever possible. Don’t strain while practicing the stress management techniques. If it begins to hurt, discontinue what you’re doing. Meditate in a well-ventilated room.

Love more

As a human being your quality of life is greatly determined by how you love, and how you are loved in return. There is an indispensable need for a real-time connection and fellowship with others.

Loneliness and depression have negative consequences on your health and wellbeing. Nothing else has as much impact on your wellbeing and survival as loneliness. Increase in the rates of suicide around the world show that loneliness is a serious epidemic that needs to be nipped in the bud. You can combat this ill via love and intimacy.

There is a primary need for authentic connection and community that is primal. Loneliness causes chronic emotional stress and over-activation of the sympathetic nervous system. Love and intimacy can heal. There is a deep hunger for a sense of real intimacy.

Separate your thoughts from our feelings. Pay attention to the way you feel and express it. Be compassionate. Listen! Try not to judge or criticize. Be silent when listening to others. Avoid offering advice that was never solicited.

For UNDO IT!! Recipes Go To Ornish Recipes On The Internet

For you to function at your best you need to be properly nourished. On the internet are whole food, plant-based recipes that offer taste, balance, nutrients and simplicity. These recipes are in tandem with the guidelines of the lifestyle medicine program. Soups, salads, breakfast, dinner, lunch are all covered and available.

* UNDO IT! details the research that shows that a plant-based diet actually reverses chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, prostate cancer and other ailments.
*The results are more striking when coupled with just moderate exercise.
*These chronic ailments disproportionately impact communities of color and low-income communities because of poor health when compared to the general population.

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