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COMMENTARY: Political Poppycock

By Lucius Gantt, THE GANTT REPORT      Why are news shows and news networks ranting and raving so much about “progressives”? Why are such a...

COMMENTARY: They Feed Who They Like

By Lucius Gantt, THE GANTT REPORT      From the very first moment your kidnapped ancestors set foot on American shores, Black men and women were...

2010 Census Omitted 3.7 Million Blacks – Nearly Five Times Its Original ‘Undercount’ Claims

Confusing and conflicting explanations provide few answers while raising numerous questions By Hazel Trice Edney (TriceEdneyWire.com) - A special report released by the National Urban League reveals...

Moderate or Severe Sleep Apnea Doubles Risk Of Hard-to-Treat Hypertension in African-Americans

By Dallas Post Tribune Staff African-Americans with moderate or severe sleep apnea are twice as likely to have hard-to-control high blood pressure when their sleep...

Many White Democrats Would Rather Lose Elections Than Share Power With Blacks

The path to victories for white Democrats is clear - share power with the people that can put them in office. This holds true for both state and...

The Black Political Clap Back

There are two major political parties in the United States. There are Republicans and there are Democrats. Twenty years ago, most, if not all, of...

As Trump tries minority outreach, many blacks unconvinced

Many rank-and-file black voters, meanwhile, dismiss the overtures as another racially charged pitch from a campaign aimed exclusively at whites, from Trump's emphasis on...

Study: 228 Years for Blacks to Generate the Wealth Held by Whites

228 years.  According to a new study, it will take the average African-American family 228 years to accumulate the amount of wealth the average...

8th Grader win poetry contest: ‘White Boy Privilege’

14-year-old Royce Mann wrote and recited a poem this past spring that for months stayed pretty quiet.  But with the recent resurgence of violence over...

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