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That Train Don’t Run on the ‘Ask Alma’ Railroad

Dear Alma, I’m 25 and getting ready to marry a wonderfully fantastic man. We are totally compatible and get along in every way. Our sex...

Ex-roommate: Kavanaugh lied under oath about drinking and sex

Brett Kavanaugh's ex-roommate says the Supreme Court wannabe 'lied under oath' about drinking and sex.  Kavanaugh committed perjury by lying under oath about his adolescent...

Valentine’s Day brings back that lovin’ feeling

February is known for cold weather, presidents' birthdays and Cupid's delight. As Valentine's Day approaches, hearts flutter, lovers sigh and Charlie Brown hopes that...

Is Sex a Complicated Subject that Women Refuse to Talk About?

The subject of sex is pure taboo in America because society would like everyone to believe that sexual acts are only done when two...

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