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Earth Talk


Podcasts On Climate, Environment Abound

Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss February 17, 2022   Dear EarthTalk: What are some of the leading environmental podcasts out there these days? —Jane Mitchell, Boise, ID Given the...

Plastic Pollution? Just Let Microorganisms Eat It

Alexander Birk, EarthTalk.org Dear EarthTalk: Is there any truth to claims that we need not worry about plastic pollution because nature will evolve microorganisms to...

More Salads, Less Meat: That’s The Way To Help The Planet

Juliana Schifferes, Earthtalk.org  Dear EarthTalk: I’ve recently been really into salads and have been wondering does my consumption of more salads and less meat help...

Homes Of The Future In A Warmer World

Gabe Castro-Root, EarthTalk.org   Dear EarthTalk: How will the homes of the future look and feel different as a result of global warming? —A.G., Silver Spring, MD No...

Richest 10% Cause >Half Of Carbon Emissions

Gabe Castro-Root, EarthTalk.org. Dear EarthTalk: Do wealthy people generate more pollution and/or carbon emissions than the less fortunate? —George P., Greenwich, CT In a word, yes. The...

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