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EARTHTALK Q&A: Macrogrid Or Microgrid? Environmentalists Wonder…

Vyom Mishra, EarthTalk.org Dear EarthTalk: What on Earth is a “macrogrid” and how do proponents of the concept think it will improve energy efficiency? —T. McGraw,...

EARTHTALK Q&A: Following Black Summer, Koalas On The Ropes Down Under

Jessica Shih, EathTalk.org  Dear EarthTalk: Is it true that koalas are on the verge of extinction? What is being done to help this species survive? —May...

EARTHTALK Q&A: How Are Reptiles Faring These Days?

How Are Reptiles Faring These Days? Rhea Joshi, EarthTalk.org  Dear EarthTalk: How are reptiles faring these days in the face of climate change and other environmental...

EARTHTALK Q&A: Oil Companies Really Greener Or Just More Greenwashing?

by Alexander Birk, EarthTalk.org  Dear EarthTalk: Are oil companies actually taking steps to cut emissions overall or are their claims mostly just “greenwashing”? —J.B.S., Waukesha, WI It’s...

EARTHTALK Q&A: Is Climate Change Good For The Economy?

Dylan Stoll, EarthTalk.org Dear EarthTalk: Is climate change actually good for the economy, given all the clean-up/restoration jobs severe weather is creating and the employment...

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