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Kevin Seraaj


Is Climate Change Making My Allergies Worse?

Juliana Schifferes, EarthTalk.org Dear EarthTalk: Could climate change really be making my allergies worse? —L. Pulaski, New Bern, NC Pollen may be an unfortunate contributor to poor health...

The Environmental Toll Of Russia’s War On Ukraine

Amy Ryan, EarthTalk.org  Dear EarthTalk: What kind of environmental toll is Russia’s war on Ukraine taking? —James P., Philadelphia, PA Russia’s war on Ukraine is one of...

Coral Reefs Going Going Gone Thanks To Global Warming

Gabe Castro-Root, EarthTalk.org Dear EarthTalk: How are the world’s coral reefs doing these days? I haven’t heard much about them lately despite all the recent...

Greener Home Furnishings Now Within Everyone’s Reach

Amy Ryan February 24, 2022 Dear EarthTalk: I’m looking to furnish my new apartment and wondering if you could point me toward some sustainable options? —B.C., New...

Podcasts On Climate, Environment Abound

Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss February 17, 2022   Dear EarthTalk: What are some of the leading environmental podcasts out there these days? —Jane Mitchell, Boise, ID Given the...

Kevin Seraaj