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Min. Farrakhan, Nation of Islam bring annual Saviours’ Day convention back to Detroit, Feb....

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam are convening the Saviours’ Day 2016 convention and celebration in the Motor City, February...

New Ratings Measure Faith Compatibility of Super Bowl Advertisers

 (Raleigh, NC, February 1, 2016)—Faith Driven Consumer™ (FDC)—representing 41 million Americans who spend $2 trillion annually, has earned wide recognition for its groundbreaking

Youth for Human Rights Volunteers in 40 Nations Declare “Our Rights, Our Freedoms, Always”

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Churches of Scientology and chapters of the Church-supported United for Human Rights and its program for young...
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Man charged in St. Louis area black church fires

The Associated Press has reported that a 35-year-old black man from St. Louis man has been arrested and charged with arson in connection with two...

Leave God out of it

I'm a person of faith.  Faith, not religion.  Much craziness has occurred over time by proponents of religion and religious dogma. People who place religion...

Report: Religious Exemption Laws Lead to Discrimination

Suzanne Potter TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - The impact of so-called religious freedom laws on women and the LGBT community is the subject of a new report...

The Music Man Bands Audiences Together

The Wells Fargo Wagon is coming to St. Luke's United Methodist Church Orlando, Florida—St. Luke's United Methodist Church’s production of The Music Man opens Friday,...

Christian’s death sentence suspended

Pakistan's Supreme Court suspends the death penalty against a Christian woman convicted of blasphemy in 2010.

Orange County Partners with Faith Community to Launch Open Table

Pastor Willie Barnes of the International Church of Faith joined Mayor Teresa Jacobs to announce the launch of Open Table, a new partnership between...

Ethiopian Jews Fight Police Brutality in Israel, Like Blacks Do in U.S.

  ( - A recent march by Ethiopian Jews in Jerusalem, Israel’s capital, to protest a beating by Israeli police erupted into violence after...