Dr Paul Bearer’s Creature Feature


    creature-feature-with-dr-paul-bearerBy Roger L Boyers Jr.
    9781481986076, $14.95

    When you think of hosts of bad B horror movies most people think of Elvira.  But there was another person who introduced for so many years on several TV stations in the country that was just as popular in many circles as Elvira.  That person was Dr. Paul Bearer.  The character was the genius of radio disk jockey Dick Bennick who was on many different stations throughout the nation.  Roger L. Boyes Jr. tells the story of both Bennick and how Dr. Paul Bearer became so popular as well as a lot of trivia about the movies, the hosts of these kinds of shows, and lots more in a fun filled excursion into a darker realm of television history.  No fan of grade B movies should miss “Dr. Paul Bearer’s Creature Feature.”