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A troubled police force and hope for change

NNPA NEWSWIRE — Officers would use illegal GPS devices to track targets, break into homes to steal money, and keep BB guns...

‘Pool Patrol Paula’ pleads guilty to assaulting black teen

Stephanie Sebby-Strempel, 38, of Summerville, South Carolina, avoided going to trial on charges filed against her in June of this year when she struck...

Robert Bowers indicted, Gab.com shuts down

A federal grand jury indicted the man alleged by authorities to have killed 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue while spewing anti-Semitic slurs last...

I’m White and I Might Bring Out My Guns

Sisters Leisa and Chele Garris, residents of Camden Fairview Apartments in SouthPark in Charlotte, were waiting for AAA to jump their car when an enebriated Susan...

NYPD Sued by Doctor Arrested for Helping Unconscious White Woman

Dr. Clyde Pemberton, a retired Harlem psychiatrist and restaurant owner was arrested last year by NYPD for trying to help an unconscious white woman...

Priest Tosses Black Family Out of Funeral

A Maryland priest went on a rant during a funeral after a chalice was bumped and accidentally knocked to the floor.  Michael Briese, who...

Southern Baptist Convention Expels Raleigh White Church for racist practices

Holy 2018!  The Raleigh White Baptist Church has been expelled from the Southern Baptist Convention for racist policies and a pattern of racially discriminatory...

Waffle House Strikes Again: Black Couple Overcharged and Forced by Police...

On May 2, at a Waffle House in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, a couple, identified in a police report as Donald Copeland and Ms....

Roseanne Barr Heads Back to Twitter, Posts 100 More Times

She didn't wait a whole day before heading back to Twitter to post more than 100 times-- tweeting, retweeting, reply-tweeting and deleting tweets-- about...

ABC Cancels “Roseanne” After She Tweets a Little Racism

ABC has canceled “Roseanne” after the star's Monday morning racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett, a former adviser to president Barack Obama. ABC entertainment president Channing Dungey...