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Creating a Thriving Small Business is as Simple as ABC

Miami, FL, Sept. 7, 2021 ― Would you rather spend all of your time working in your small business or working on your small business and guiding it to...

TGR: Who Is Your Leader?

THE GANTT REPORT by Lucius Gantt Today is a wonderful day. I’m wondering who you think your “leader” is.      Is your leader your father, mother,...

Trump Leads by Division, While Biden Leads by Multiplication

By Rev. Jesse Jackson (TriceEdneyWire.com) As the presidential campaigns heat up, Americans are provided with a stark choice of leaders. The visits to Kenosha of...

Democracy is Under Attack with President Donald Trump

Without the rule of law, America is destined to fail and collapse. Under the leadership of President Trump, American leadership is moving to the...

Farrakhan Challenges The Hip Hop Community: ‘Accept The Responsibility of Leadership’

With this column I step aside to share excerpts of a speech entitled “A Message To The National Hip Hop Summit” delivered by Minister Louis Farrakhan on...

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