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Ron DeSantis

COMMENTARY: Which Republican to Trust on Social Security? Not a Single One

"On Social Security, just as he does on so many other topics, Donald Trump is projecting his own desires onto his opponents," said one...

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings Responds to Gov. DeSantis’ Executive Orders 101 and 102

In review of the governor’s executive orders, I am not surprised.  He first indicated that the  order would not take effect until July 1, 2021, and then quickly changed it to be “effective  immediately.”  He then offered new language that invalidates a local government’s ability to  take action during a public health emergency.  Orange County Government will continue to  review its statutory authority and will respond accordingly.  Governor DeSantis has been slow to act in responding to the pandemic, which has caused local elected officials (mayors) to take action to fill the void and keep their residents safe.  I want Orange County residents to know that I will continue to make decisions in the best  interest of their health, safety and welfare and will not wait on the governor to tell me what  to do.   This immediate past legislative session is proof positive of how the state is preempting local home-rule powers –  is not good for democracy.   When I ask myself, “What is really the purpose of the governor’s actions?” I conclude that his  actions are part of a larger partisan strategy by the Republican Party to usurp the authority of  Democrat-led urban counties and cities across America. We expect better from the governor  of Florida.      Mayor Jerry L. Demings

Florida Misses Out on Medicaid Funding in COVID-19 Relief Package

Florida continues to resist calls and significant financial incentives to expand Medicaid eligibility for nearly all poor adults and children in the state. Trimmel...

LeadingAge Florida Lauds Governor DeSantis for Protecting Vital Long Term Care Funding in Florida Leads Budget Proposal

TALLAHASSEE— LeadingAge Florida applauds Governor Ron DeSantis’ decision to preserve the $105 million Medicaid increase for nursing homes announced today in his Florida Leads...

Floridians Demand Gov. DeSantis Provide a Long-Term Health and Housing Plan as COVID-19 Spirals Out of Control & Hurricanes Arrive

Critics say Florida governor Ron DeSantis has exacerbated the crisis by failing to formulate a plan to lead Floridians  through the pandemic. Now more...

Coronavirus: Florida COVID-19 Count Passes 80,000

ORLANDO, FL – As the state continues to reopen for business as "usual," CoronaVirus cases continue to mount. Tuesday saw another 2,783...

Gov. Ron DeSantis Announces $28 Million for Northwest Florida

Panama City, Fla. — Today, Governor Ron DeSantis announced a $28 million investment for Northwest Florida, one year after Hurricane Michael made...

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