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Black Republicans Back Trump as Democratic Mayors Unveil Urban Agenda

By Michael H. Cottman Days before the Iowa caucuses, the nation's largest association of black Republicans is endorsing Donald Trump, a candidate with little history of working...

Pathway to the Polls: Can Trump Actually Win?

During the early days of his campaign, I-- like many other Americans-- thought Trump would be nothing more than a distraction in this election cycle. ...

Candidates say no way Trump will get GOP nod

Almost unanimously, the other contenders for the GOP nomination insist that Donald Trump does not stand for GOP values and will not be the...

Been there, done that

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump appeared on Face the Nation Sunday and told "the Nation" that the best way to deal with the mass shootings...

Donald Trump trashes Black Lives Matter: ‘I think they’re trouble’

Real-estate mogul Donald Trump made it clear in an interview this past Tuesday that he was no fan of the Black Lives Matter movement. "I...

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